Based on the Desert Island Discs concept, Desert Island Mix allows you to gift a playlist and telephone interview to your friends and family.

Desert Island Mix

Background: The Business

Since it was first aired on the BBC Forces Programme in 1942, Desert Island Discs has become one of the most iconic radio segments. The format of the show – where celebrities share their all-time favourite songs and discuss the personal meaning of the track to them – is now widely found across a range of local, national and specialist radio stations, but has never been available to the public – until now. 

A big listener of radio programmes and documentaries, George Kinghorn wanted to take the format of the classic show to the masses and founded Desert Island Mix in November 2016 with business partner and long-time mentor Dan Brophy.


The Challenge: The Need for a Solution

Why did the client need to approach Generator. 

With a great business concept and strong business acumen, it was specific industry knowledge and expertise that was the missing piece of the puzzle for Dan and George.

The pair knew that the music industry could potentially be complex to navigate – particularly as their business model relied on legal access to almost every track ever released.

With this their main barrier to launching the business, Dan and George looked for support and advice from Generator, a business support service for businesses in the creative industries alongside Transmit Consulting.


The Implementation & Transmit Consulting in Action

Transmit Consulting assigned a mentor with extensive knowledge of the music industry to provide Dan and George with the answers they needed to commercialise Desert Island Mix.

This led to the business model for Desert Island Mix being built around access to freely available music on YouTube, which firmly put to bed red tape issues with music publishing.

Transmit Consulting also consulted George and Dan, providing advice relating to the design of the Desert Island Mix website. This ultimately transformed User Experience (UX) on the website, leaving the business ready to convert more customers online.

This left Desert Island Mix ready for the next phase in its start-up journey – communicating its offering to a wider audience. Initially, a digital marketing agency was tasked with promoting the business, but working alongside Transmit Consulting led George and Dan to realise that growing its network of partnerships is a more efficient and effective way for them to reach their target market.

George Kinghorn, Desert Island Mix co-founder: “A lot of businesses make the mistake of ploughing money into Google AdWords and social media, but we want to focus on great partnerships that are well-aligned to our offering and help us to capture our target market through a revenue share model.

“It was Transmit Consulting’s knowledge of the industry that helped us to not only get the idea off the ground, but also to focus our partnership strategy to ensure we reach an audience that is interested in our product.”

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Since it launched last year and thanks to support from Transmit Consulting Desert Island Mix has innovated its website, grown its network of presenters to 20 across the country and solidified its marketing & partnership strategy – leaving it in a perfect position to flourish in 2018.

Looking ahead, George and Dan are looking to grow Desert Island Mix’s network of presenters and partners and implement another piece of Transmit Consulting’s advice – to work on the organic SEO of its website.

“Both of us are business savvy and experience, but when you’re focussed on the idea itself it’s good to have someone who has been through the journey to look at your business from the outside - so getting this outside prospective from Transmit Consulting has been great.

“You can never know too much, so sharing ideas is a real important thing. The whole process has been fantastic and we wouldn’t hesitate recommending Transmit Consulting to those looking for expert advice. As long as you’re willing to be open and honest about where you’re at with your business, then they can really help you.”